London protest: Police warn against violence as anti-lockdown demonstrators gather in capital


A large number of anti-lockdown protestors are gathering in London today, prompting a warning by the Metropolitan police to abide by coronavirus restrictions.

A coalition of groups has organised to protest social restrictions, six months after the Coronavirus Act 2020 was imposed by the government, giving them powers to enforce lockdown.

The umbrella movement rejects vaccines, masks and lockdowns and amongst those assembled are 5G conspiracy theorists, coronavirus sceptics and anti-vaxxers.

The “We Do Not Consent!” mass rally is protesting government implemented restrictions to combat covid and bills the slogan “Human race, get off your knees.”

Thousands of anti-lockdown protestors are currently chanting “take off the mask” while one spotted sign reads “when tyranny becomes law resistance becomes duty”.

Earlier, police reportedly searched a man and confiscated a makeshift riot shield that he was carrying.


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