Naturalization Trend Declining Among Britons In Germany – Statistics


MOSCOW ( 30th May, 2019) Fewer Britons sought German nationality last year after their number peaked in the wake of the 2016 UK vote to split from the European Union, official figures showed Wednesday.

German statistics agency Destatis estimated that 6,600 British citizens were given German passport in 2018, down 11 percent from the year before when 7,500 people were naturalized.

“This might indicate a weakening of the special effect that started in 2016 and suggests a connection with the coming Brexit,” the agency suggested.

A total of 17,000 British citizens were naturalized from 2016 to 2018, more than three times the number recorded in the previous 15 years.

Britons were the second biggest nationality to seek German citizenship in 2018. Turks topped the chart with 16,700 naturalizations of the total 112,340. Poles were the third largest group, while Romanians came fourth.


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