‘No need to panic’ – City of Joburg assures residents ahead of planned water interruption


johansburg(nadeem shabeer)The City of Johannesburg has urged residents not to panic ahead of the planned service interruption due to Rand Water maintenance as of Monday, June 24, for 54 hours.

“It is no need to panic and fill up your tubs with water etc.

“All our reservoirs will be full by Monday when the interruption starts and we should have enough water to last us for a sufficient amount of days,” MMC for Environment and Infrastructure, Nico De Jager, told the media at the Brixton Water Tower on Friday.

This comes after the City issued a notice to residents which led to raised concerns about the impact on water supply.

This notice is in compliance with the National Water Act No. 36 of 1998.

“I wish to assure residents that our team has put sufficient measures in place to make sure Johannesburg residents are least affected during this maintenance period,” De Jager added.

The Rand Water purification plant will still be operational as the service maintenance takes place and minimal effect is expected on water supply.

“The Rand water purification plant will supply water to our water supply systems for the duration of the valve installation, so as to help in efforts to replenish our reservoirs.

“Rand Water will also supply water via the Palmiet and Eikenhof pump stations to Johannesburg water reservoirs. Furthermore, Rand Water will ensure that prior to the commencement of the shutdown, all reservoirs supplying the City will be filled to capacity to ensure water supply during the shutdown period,” he further explained.

The city’s reservoirs have the capacity to supply water for two days.

However, De Jager has still urged residents to use water sparingly during the maintenance period.

“We appeal to residents to use water sparingly during the shutdown in order to avoid a complete no-water situation and reminds all customers that Level 1 water restrictions are still in place,” he said.


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