PM Imran Khan wishes ‘Happy Holi’ to Hindus


Prime Minister Imran Khan wishes “Happy Holi” to the Hindu community.
The festival of colours is being celebrated across the country on Sunday.
People throw colours on each other, distribute sweets and dance to celebrate the festival

Prime Minister Imran Khan on Sunday has wished “Happy Holi” to the Hindu community, as they celebrate the festival of colours being across Pakistan on Sunday (today).

“Wishing all our Hindu community a very happy Holi, the festival of colours,” the premier said on Twitter.

The festival is celebrated each year in Pakistan and other countries around the world by members of the Hindu community, with people gathering in the streets to dance, throw colour at each other and distribute sweets.

They smear “Abeer” or red vermilion powder, besides other coloured powders, and throw water-filled balloons at each other in celebration.

It is essentially celebrated to mark the arrival of Spring, which is usually in mid-March.


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