Blog Writer: Maira Khan
Start with the beautiful line that” Every woman is Perfect” In the present era, girls are facing so many problems related to their color, body shaping, hair, height and so on. But nobody thinks that why they are facing these kind of problems because of our media yes Media is always have convincing power its make the mindsets of different people. Now social media is very common every one using different apps like Facebook, twitter and Instagram they have changed the standards of living.Media has positive role as well as a negative role.Especially, In Pakistan the Media is representing a wrong perception about women .Media has started focusing on such kind of advertisements which attracts the people towards themselves in a wrong way.They are showing women as a show piece. They prefer those women who are very much bold in showing their bodies.Now, I am going to share my personal experience. I met one of my friend .We started chatting about Media. Then we talk about the portrait of women in our society. I asked her about her personal opinion .She said that, the way Media is representing women in a wrong way. Whether it is a mother, sister, wife or any relation related to women is not treated properly.Today the directors in their dramas are showing daughters as they are always disobedient to their parents, a wife is not loyal to her husband. A mother has no interest in the life of her child but these all are wrong perceptions. There is another thing which is needed to be focused, that is a “working women” if a woman works and show a little bit negligence in her household matters according to our society she becomes an arrogant and self _obsessed women. A lot of people are not ready to allow their women to go outside and do some work. The men are treating the women as if they are nothing. Only because of those kinds of things which media is representing about women .I was impressed by that fellow I like her opinion. Then I went out of my city. I visited a historical place and there I met an archeologist. When she was showing me different type of things I asked her the same question about Media. She said, ‘’Media is playing a positive role in women life. They are helping the women to go outside and do whatever they want to do. Media is helping oppressed women and that is a positive gesture. Also due to the negative role of women in dramas people started thinking that it’s the reality but reality is far away from these dramas. Women are assuming that they are not good the way they are.so they want to change themselves and do those kinds of things in which they are not comfortable. They are adopting those things which media is showing in TV dramas but the fact is every woman is perfect in her own way. And in my point of view we should not change ourselves for someone else. Women are perfect in their own way they don’t need any change in their personality. They don’t need any glamour to show their talents.” I was very much impressed by her point of view. Once I was watching an interview of the famous actress of Pakistan Maya Ali, she said in her interview, “Why should we change ourselves for someone else, the one who wants us he or she should accept us like the way we are.” So just to convey this message which I have discussed before we are working on this campaign “love the way you are.”
So in my point of view everyone should be given a chance. Because there are three C’s in life.
Choices, Chances ,Changes. You must make a choice to take a chance or your life will never change.


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