Noordeen Mohamed Shaheid newly appointed High Commissioner of Sri Lanka to the Islamic Republic of Pakistan


Written By : Yasin Joyia                                             

The newly appointed High Commissioner of Sri Lanka to the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, H. E. Noordeen Mohamed Shaheid, Attorney at Law assumed duties on 22 October 2018 at the High Commission of Sri Lanka in Islamabad.

Going through his education background, Mr. Noordeen Shaheid studied at Sri Lanka law college as well as University of Kalaniya and did his earlier education from Jamiah Naleemiah Institute Sri Lanka.

His work and achievement’s are uncountable. He’s been a member to Human Rights Task Force , Member Board of Review-Ceiling on Housing Property,. Remained Advisor, Ministry of Resettlement & Rehabilitation. Remained Advisor, Ministry of Muslim affairs. Member ,Board of Directors , National Institute of Social Development, Member South-Eastern University Council. Legal Consultant, Sri Lanka Ports Authority. Remained Director Sri Lanka Bureau of Foreign Employment. Chairman, Sri Lanka Foreign Employment Agency. He also Remained as the Chairman, consumers Affairs Council.

Mr. .Noordeen Shaheid is well known to be the backbone of Pak – Sri Lanka Brotherhood.  Mr.Noordeen cares about bringing people, businesses and countries together, while remaining loyal to the place represented. His skills as a negotiator, a certain amount of his expertise and integrity makes him one of the good High Commissioners.

Mr. Noordeen’s distinctive personality gives a positive effect on the people around him, because of his pleasant nature and sense of No discrimination, even his work force remains motivated towards achieving their goals. He deals with lots of different situations, personalities and political undercurrents. Being a good ambassador often deals with ideal situations and with those who do not wish to come to term, he knows how to mediate a tense situation and negotiate a compromise that presents a winning situation for all sides.

He is one of the High commissioners, who are not afraid of different cultures or people. While some people do not adjust well to situations, including cultures and languages outside their comfort zone, But as an effective Ambassador He relishes the opportunities for interaction with those who are different from what he may be used to from his own experiences. He quickly picks up on nuances of those with whom he deals with, and learns to work within their cultural framework.

Mr.Noordeen being an effective and clear communicator, speak and enunciate clearly. He knows well ,how best to communicate and what needs to be conveyed, whether this is the stand of His country, a proposal or negotiations. Different cultures may interpret language, idioms and phrasing differently. But as an ambassador, He takes no time to learn how best to communicate with the other party without giving offense. Good communication includes gestures, mannerisms and polite affectations that may mean the difference between a positive or negative exchange.

He cares not just about those he represents, but also about those with whom He interacts on a regular basis. He cares about other countries and people. He learns the culture and seeks to integrate into the social framework of those with whom he serves as a high commissioner.




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