Azam Swati breaks down during presser after ‘personal videos’ with wife leaked to family from unknown number

LAHORE(A1TV NEWS) PTI Senator Azam Swati on Saturday claimed that his personal videos with his wife were leaked to one of his family members from an unknown number.

The senior politician, who recently accused some high ranking military men for custodial torture after he was arrested in a case related to provoking tweets against state institutions, revealed it while talking to media in Lahore.

Divulging the details, Swati brusted into tears and said that the personal videos were sent to my daughter, adding that the videos were shot when he was visiting Quetta with his wife.

“When a daughter tells her father that such video belongs to her parents, think what kind of mental stress I had to face,” he questioned.

Swat revealed that Senate chairman Sadiq Sanjrani had made arrangements for his accommodation at the judicial lodges of the Supreme Court in Quetta. “I was told that no any Supreme Court judge is currently in Quetta and I can stay in the lodges,” he said.

Lashing out at the perpetrators, he said that they have started leaking the family videos after they failed to find any corruption and immoral things against him.

Saying the sanctity of husband and wife relations has been violated, he urged the top court to ensure justice in the case.

“I cannot commit suicide but I will stay in the country to fight the cruelty,” he said.

Meanwhile, PTI Chairman Imran Khan, who recently shot in the leg during gun attack at his party’s long march, has said that leaking the video of Swati and his wife is “shocking, despicable & utterly condemnable”.

Taking to Twitter, he wrote: :Pakistan was created on Islamic moral values of human dignity, honour of the family & inviolability of chadar & chardawari. What has happened to Azam Swati at the hands of the State has been a blatant violation of all these values – from being stripped naked to custodial torture & now this video where privacy of his wife has been violated”.

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