“B4U Cabs” has successfully been started in lahore


Lahore: An affordable online rides service “B4U Cabs” has successfully been started in the provincial capital city to cater the need of 11 million residents.
The transportation company has selected ancient city of the country as its launching pad while it has aimed to expand its riding operation throughout the country with cheap and constant fare rates for the customers. There will be neither peak factor on the rides nor any hidden charges.
In a press statement issued here on Wednesday, CEO Saif Rehman said almost 40 percent Pakistanis have no access to public transportation because of the high rates. So, the company has decided to figure out the right solution that will serve people with luxury rides even in low fare rates, he added. He maintained that B4U Cabs would be a safeguard of the commuters as other one-tap local transportation providers are charging high rates from customers and drivers.
B4U Cabs Director Tauseef Amir has said “We aim to launch operation across the Pakistan and will produce 10,000 job opportunities in the next five years”. The app of the service B4U could be downloaded from the Google Play Store (www.b4ucabs.com) or simply a car could be called by dialing on (042) 32503444, he added. Marketing Head Uzair Ahmed said B4U Cabs does not charge a high fare in peak time. He further added that our service will be very different from other existing players and it will be very profitable for drivers too. We would care the drivers’ proper training and vehicles maintenance in order to facilitate the travelers. .


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