Bilal Bin Saqib has been awarded a Highly Commendable Masters Student of the Year, 2019


london(A one news)Bilal Bin Saqib has been awarded a Highly Commendable Masters Student of the Year, 2019 by FindAMasters which is a database of Masters degree programmes and related opportunities. Established in 2005, it lists over 25,000 postgraduate courses at institutions around the world. Every year, they call for applications from around the UK from Masters Students and shortlist best candidates based on their nominations, students experiences, leadership qualities and academic achievements.
Bilal Bin Saqib served as a Post Graduate Students’ Officer 2018-19 at the London School of Economics where he represented 7000 students (65% of student population) both local and international. During his leadership tenure, he hosted notable CEOs and leaders from around the globe including Alex Partridge (Founder of UniLAD), Alexandre Arnault (CEO of RIMOWA), Sadhguru (Indian Mystic and Spiritual Leader) and was also invited by the CEO of Audemars Piguet to visit his headquarters in Switzerland.

He has also been a trustee for LSE Students’ Union.
Bilal is also the founder of an NGO named which is working to tackle the issue of water-crisis in Pakistan which has impacted the lives of over 40,000 water-deprived individuals. His NGO provides a specially designed water wheel named as H2O wheel which has the capacity to carry over 40 litres of water.

Bilal’s commendable efforts to represent Pakistan on an International forum shows how dedicated he is to his purpose and patriotic spirit and serves as an inspiration for many young Pakistanis abroad.


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