Corona, a blessing


Afzal Choudhry

I couldn’t sleep for the last fifteen days. From the siege of thinking where I constantly found myself imprisoned as there were some unfurling blossoms of tolerance and brotherhood. But, I wasn’t able to describe it with a fear that the halal fatwas and common conflicts in the society that gave birth to me, would tarnish my reputation because I belong to this self-made holy society where Mullah Mafia in specific and teacher mafia, political mafia, and journalists mafia in general have taken the right away to question and closed the door for investigation. Where imitation research is considered as a symbol of pride whilst creative research faces the fatwas of unbelief.

Where Corona has crippled seven billion human beings mentally and neurologically, it will remembered as a blessing in upcoming days. I will try to give the reasoning of it at the end of the article.

While the Corona virus has been teaching the world social distance, it is also giving a public lesson that neither a country nor a religion is superpower in this world.  Neither technology is sustainable nor does a scientific theory have the final effect.

There is only one superpower in the universe which cannot be seen or touched. Which is superior to every power that is worshiped under different names in different languages. Allah, Lord, God, Jehovah, Ishita, Bhagwan, Ahwar-imazda and in the African world, Niambi is also connoted to Him.

The tyrant corona has not only stopped Tawaaf but also closed the church bells, if the wailing wall is banned, so the fire worship is faded away. On one side, the songs of the temple were closed, on the other side, worshiping Buddha has been stopped. Somewhere scientists appear to be failing, and somewhere Pir, Faqir, Amal, Sufi are helpless and disappeared, somewhere superpowers seem powerless, and somewhere ruling regime is compelled to self isolate. The loneliness that was considered an agony is being called a blessing today. The ones who used to ban on face covering, now fine for keeping the faces naked. Those organizations who used to ask for hugs irrespective of color, race, and religion now forbid a father to shake hands with his son. In short, Corona rule is enforced.

In order to get rid of Corona virus, where many western allies put their heads together, the allies of South Eastern conflicts are trying to prove it a conspiracy day and night.  Where the scientists of the modern world are busy in their own laboratories, some religious contractors are calling it a Jewish conspiracy. Even, the self-taught ignorant are calling it an American conspiracy. Moreover, the former Speaker of the Pakistan Assembly and the United Nations also made an ignorant point and reached to the highest peak of ignorance where he had to face the cynical words of analysts. Hussain Haroon claimed that Coroan is not natural but it has been prepared in a laboratory.

With due apology, the greatest heir, some disadvantaged nations received is to hide their failure and disapproval and call every failure as the conspiracy of the West or the

disbelievers. The darkness of darkness still prevails today where semi-intellectual and social media are trying to attribute this natural calamity as a worldly power.

However, the world has now become a global village and the Corona virus is affecting the most modern world like China, United States, Italy, Spain, France, and Germany, but we still find the victim a killer. Even some international-minded intellectual friends tried to persuade me that Ka’bah has closed, but the Wailing Wall in Israel is still open for the worshippers. Then, I had clarified to them that the Wailing Wall was as closed as the house of the Ka’bah.

If we look at human history, infectious diseases like the Corona virus have been pushed the billions of human beings into the valley of dead. 429 years ago, almost one million people died from the outbreak of plague.  In 165 CE, one million people went to the valley of dead due to an epidemic disease. In 541 CE, the epidemic outbreak from Europe killed nearly ten million people to sleep. In 1331 CE, the outbreak of an epidemic disease caused nearly 20 million people to death. Epidemic diseases in the seventeenth century also caused more than 20 million people to embrace death. More than twenty million people lost their lives in the eighteenth century while in the nineteenth century, about 100 million people died.

And nowadays, in the twentieth century,an epidemic disease swallowed up more than 60 million people. But today in the modern century, there are about 75,000 people suffering from the pandemic diseases at the beginning of the century, where till 29 March 2020 more than 30,000 people died of Corona virus.

Undoubtedly, where Corona roams freely day and night in the streets fearlessly, there are religious shrines who got closed where all those who claim healing by distributing sweets in the name of religion, prescribing amulet for every disease and problem have gone into hiding. Scientists, on the other hand, are constantly battling new inventions to defeat Corona.

The devastations of Corona are sending a message that there is only one superpower and that is God. Prince Charles. Boris Johnson. US Senator, German Chancellor, the wife of the Canadian Prime Minister and the world’s biggest celebrities look powerless in front of this one power.

The writer is calling the virus a blessing as the believers of the modern world technology and the latest inventions are forgetting the supreme power. With the help of the information technology, daily a new conspiracy had born against humanity. Whatever natural disasters or outbreaks have occurred in human history, people were not in contact with each other as much as today. Earlier epidemics were limited to a specific region, but today Corona originated from China has not only spread to its neighboring countries, but to the distant continents including Australia is on one side of the globe while USA on the other. It has prevailed equally everywhere without any discrimination.

If Buddhism is affected, so are the Hinduism and Jainism. Believers of Taoism and Confucius equally affected. If Muslims are surrounded by Corona, Christians and Jews

uffered equally. Corona is sending a message that the Supreme Power is God and that every blessing or punishment of God is on everyone irrespective of religion, sect, colour, and race. It is above and beyond the control of any community or the country. All creatures are created by the one Creator and the Creator doesn’t do injustice to His creatures.  That is why sometimes the worldly gods are persuaded to not use the guise of sectarianism from various global conspiracies for the brutal oppression in the land of the prophets- Syria.

That is why it reminds us to stop aristocracies in Kashmir on religious grounds and do justice to humanity. That is why we are warned that the Muslims of Rohingya are also His creatures, do not kill them in quarantine. That’s why, it is said to give the rights of living to Kurds in the Middle East. That is why it is said that the Qadianis are also the human beings like us, give them the right to live on humanitarian grounds. It is also stressed upon to not share the recent fatwas of disbeliefs on the basis of sects and religion. It also makes us to realize to not smear the Holy Land red with blood. Otherwise, torment like Corona viruses will often come and teach brotherhood based on humanity. Whenever the vaccine of Corona virus will be made, it is not taken as whether it is made by Hindu or Buddhist,  Jewish orQadiani, Muslim or Christian. Rather, the creator will be named as the benefactor of humanity. Many like me who see humanity as superior to religion and race believe that the fatal diseases like Corona will be over but, it willleave a lesson of peace, harmony, and tolerance behind.

May Allah protect and guide us!


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