Imran urges judiciary to take notice of audio leaks

LAHORE (A1TV NEWS) Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan urged on Sunday the judiciary to take notice against the audio leaks, saying taping conversation was a violation of basic rights.

Addressing a speech via video link flanked by Ms Rashid, Mr Khan stressed the need for the implementation of the law in connection with the leaked audio tapes, saying, “There exists a law in the country regarding the audio tape.”

Lamenting that Ms Rashid audio tape was leaked. Mr Khan said as per the law, nobody’s audio could be recorded, adding merely on the court’s order, audio could be recorded.

Mr Khan recalled four months ago, the petition was filed in the Supreme Court (SC) regarding the audio tape.

Meanwhile, Ms Rashid lamented the evidence regarding the assassination attempt on Mr Khan was not being presented.

She said, “The former CCPO was the JIT’s convener over the assassination attempt on the PTI chief. The PDM had disappeared along with the evidence in connection with the Wazirabad incident”.

Ms Yasmin said, “As per the Fair Trial Act, nobody’s phone could be taped.”

On Sunday, PTI chairman said the PTI and its workers would defend the sanctity of judiciary at any cost.

The former prime minister held a meeting with PTI leader Shahbaz Gill, in which the two discussed the political situation of the country and the party’s course of action. Mr Khan underscored the dire need for elections, saying the country had been going through an economic turmoil and the delay in elections was a violation of the constitution.

“The imported government has been targeting the judiciary to hide the violation of constitution on their account, “said PTI chairman.

Mr Khan criticised the government for “creating further difficulties for people by putting an end to public welfare projects including the health card service”. He said they [the rulers] cannot even face the public after the record breaking inflation as the poor were facing severe economic hardships.

Shahbaz Gill said the party workers stand with the PTI’s ideology. He said, “I request to give at least ten per cent tickets to ideological youth of the party from youth wing, ISF, and social media wing in the upcoming election.”

He informed Imran Khan the workers who have stood with the party through thick and thin should be preferred over the electable ones.

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