Karachi fishermen catch humungous Indo-Pacific sailfish

KARACHI(a1tv news)Fishermen from the port city’s Ibrahim Hyderi area Wednesday caught a rare, humungous Indo-Pacific sailfish, also referred to as “ghora fish” by locals.

The fish was stuck in the fishermen’s net while they were out in the sea looking for a fresh catch.

According to Ibrahim Hyderi’s Coastal Media Centre, the fish was approximately 10 feet long and it was the first time that the fishermen captured such a massive species of sailfish.

The media centre added that the fishermen released the fish back into the sea.

The World Wildlife Fund’s (WWF) Technical Advisor Muazzam Khan said that the Indo-Pacific sailfish is not endangered and is abundantly found across Pakistani waters.

He added that around 2,200 tonnes of the Indo-Pacific sailfish were caught last year; however, its meat is not enthusiastically eaten in Pakistan.

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