NA Speaker Raja Pervaiz accepts resignations of 35 more PTI MNAs

ISLAMABAD – National Assembly Speaker Raja Pervaiz Ashraf on Friday approved resignations of another 35 MNAs of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI).

The development came following the reports that President Arif Alvi is all set to ask Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif to take a vote of confidence from the lower house of the parliament.

The National Assembly of Pakistan shared the news on Twitter.

“In accordance with clause (1) of Article 64 of the Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, read with Rule 43 of the Rules of Procedure and Conduct of Business in the National Assembly of Pakistan 2007, the Hon’ble Speaker of the National Assembly of Pakistan has been pleased to accept the resignations of the following Members of the National Assembly with effect from April 11, 2022, the date when the letter of respective resignations were submitted,” the notification issued by the National Assembly Secretariat read.

Around 131 MNAs belonging to the PTI tendered their resignations en masse after Imran Khan’s government was ousted through a no-confidence motion In April last year.

Earlier, the NA speaker accepted 34 resignations on January 17, while he also accepted the resignations of 11 PTI lawmakers on July 28, 2022.

The lawmakers whose resignations have been accepted are:

1.      Dr Haider Ali Khan (NA-2)

2.      Saleem Rehman (NA-3)

3.      Sahibzada Sibghatullah (NA-5)

4.      Mehboob Shah (NA-6)

5.      Muhammad Bashir Khan (NA-7)

6.      Junaid Akbar (NA-8)

7.      Sher Akbar Khan (NA-9)

8.      Ali Khan Jadoon (NA-16)

9.      Engr Usman Khan Tarakai (NA-19)

10.   Mujahid Ali (NA-20)

11.  Arbab Amir Ayub (NA-28)

12.  Sher Ali Arbab (NA-30)

13.  Shahid Ahmed (NA-34)

14.  Gul Dad Khan (NA-40)

15.  Sajid Khan (NA-42)

16.  Mohammad Iqbal Khan (NA-44)

17.  Aamer Mehmood Kiani (NA-61)

18.  Syed Faiz ul Hassan (NA-70)

19.  Chaudhry Shoukat Ali Bhab (NA-87)

20.  Umar Aslam Khan (NA-93)

21.  Amjad Ali Khan (NA-96)

22.  Khurram Shahzad (NA-107)

23.  Faizullah (NA-109)

24.  Malik Karamat Ali Khokhar (NA-135)

25.  Syed Fakhar Imam (NA-150)

26.  Zahoor Hussain Qureshi (NA-152)

27.  Ibraheem Khan (NA-158)

28.  Tahir Iqbal (NA-164)

29.  Aurangzeb Khan Khichi (NA-165)

30.  Makhdoom Khusro BakhBar (NA-177)

31.  Abdul Majeed Khan (NA-187)

32.  Andaleeb Abbas (reserved seat)

33.  Asma Qadeer (reserved seat)

34.  Maleeka Ali Bokhari (reserved seat)

35.  Munawara Bibi Baloch (reserved seat).

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