Pakistani users will no longer be able to download Google Play Store services from Dec 1

ISLAMABAD(a1tv news)Google Play Store services will no longer be available to Pakistani users from the start of December 2022 as the State Bank of Pakistan suspended the direct carrier billing (DCB) mechanism.

 quoting sources claimed that the country’s central bank revoked the direct carrier billing (DCB) mechanism which will force customers to download Google and other international Apps for making payments through bank cards.

It further suggests that a large number of mobile users will not be able to download Apps from Google Play Store due to limited credit card facilities for a certain customers.

The report said the Telecom Ministry, PTA and cellular service operators approached the State Bank of Pakistan seeking revocation of the move which will create hurdles for users.

In the letter, officials maintained that the outage of such digital services due to non-payments would create problems in Pakistan in the digital age social and should be avoided at any cost.

Top tech giants including Google, Amazon and Meta, and others are being impacted in wake of non-¬payment and are most likely to discontinue their services, it further warned, saying it will impact users being unable to fulfill their needs from platforms.

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