Prince Harry stoking ‘flames of acrimony’ with Prince William amid ‘Spare’ leak

Prince Harry has been accused of ‘stoking flames of acrimony’ with brother Prince William as excerpts from his upcoming memoir Spare leaked online this week.

Writing for News AU, royal expert Daniela Elser shared her two cents on the excerpts from the Duke of Sussex’s memoir revealed by The Guardian.

Referring to Prince Harry’s claim that he wants to reconcile with his brother William, Elser wrote: “Harry’s decision to tell the world about William’s attack on him stands in ludicrous contrast to the line he would appear to peddle in one of the two upcoming TV interviews he has done to shill for Spare…”

“They are very nice conciliatory words, uttered by a sincere-sounding man in a nicely pressed shirt, but on Thursday that sound bite has taken on a truly delusional quality,” she continued.

Elser then questioned: “How can Harry think that he is going to ever get any of his relationships with his family “back” if he is busy stoking the flames of acrimony and sowing such monumental division, all it must be pointed out, in return for a large sum of money?”

The comments come days ahead of the release of Prince Harry’s promotional interviews for Spare with CBS’ Anderson Cooper and ITV’s Tom Bradby, and the January 10 release of his memoir itself.

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