Rabi Pirzada gets candid with India Today, Clarifies Misconceptions


According to reports, Pakistani singer, Rabi Pirzada, has found herself at the center of another Indian media controversy when she answered questioned posited by India Today in regards to her anti-Modi, pro-Kashmir sentiments.

Pirzada recently shared a detailed video where she answered five burning questions by India Today. According to sources, Rabi Pirzada had been asked to appear on Indian television by a producer for India Today, but she declined stating that she can answer the questions without making an official appearance.

The questions targeted towards Pirzada by the Indian news outlet included the following statements:

If Rabi Pirzada considers herslef to be a suicide bomber?

If she has deleted her tweet because she realized that she had been making mainstreaming an “instrument of terror”?

Another questions targeted at Pirzada focused on whether she is inclined in support towards terror groups such as the Lashkar-e-Toiba, Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan and Jaish-e-Mohammad etc.

If she feels afraid and/or threatened by the army which compells her to put forward anti-Modi posts and/or videos.

Lastly, she was asked if she has any idea the impact her pictures and videos have on the youth in the way of encouraging the young frustrated Pakistanis into a life of hatre

Pirzada released a video on her official YouTube to clarify the misconceptions as she answered the queries of the Indian media, especially India Today.

In the video since shared by Pirzada she clarifies some common misconceptions detailing that the get-up in question where she can be seen wearing a bomber vest was in fact, for a music video that aimed to promote love and not hate. She can also be seen talking about Islam as a religion of peace.

Moreover, with regards to deleting her tweet Rabi Pirzada has fought back saying that it is her social media account and she can choose to keep and/or delete whatever post/picture/video that she pleases. Pirzada further states that “humanity [must] come before any religion. Humanity comes before any country” thereby, her anti-Modi or pro-Kashmir sentiments have nothing to do with racial or religious bias rather with a humanitarian cause.

“I hate Modi because I have reasons to do not and not because I was taught to hat India or any country”, she stated. With regards to the questions about Pakistan army, Pirzada clarified that she is proud of the Pakistan army and that she loves the army, reiterating that no on can force me to be afraid of them. She added, that she feels so strongly about the army because her father had served in the Pakistan army.

Talking about Kashmir, Pirzada highlighted, that the Kashmiri people are fighting for their basic human right of freedom and must be support against leaders such as Indian PM Modi, who work towards striving people of their basic right to freedom.


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