The virtues of Corona


Afzal Choudhry

Unaware of its beginnings, the ignorant man has been wandering around the earth in search of happiness lately, but it still seems distressing. In love with artificiality and worldly affairs, a man keeps on changing his house, his clothes, but doesn’t change the attitude that can change the distress into happiness. Because a less understanding human being does not know that self-accountability and behavior change can guarantee genuine happiness. But what to do if this human being who is weak, but his ideas are more solid than stones. These concrete ideas sometimes lead to war conflict and sometimes give rise to a human movement; sometimes become a cause of the brutal genocide in the Middle East, sometimes restrict people to visit Europe, sometimes the world’s pride- World Trade Center becomes its ego, sometimes burns Afghanistan and Iraq, sometimes its gives an exemplary punishment to Hiroshima, Naga Sakai, sometimes the fire of sectarianism is seen dancing on the streets.

When the weakest person becomes a suicide bomber by the ideology of a massacre of his siblings, why doesn’t he thinks once that if everyone has different features like face, nose, ears, hair and body, then why can’t they have different point of views and thoughts. So why not change my attitude?

Today sitting in the Queen Elizabeth Park, London, I was thinking that in the UK where sunshine comes with a huge price tag is now ready to bless everyone. The flowers are blooming, the butterflies are fluttering, the pigeons are cooing, the sparrows are chirping, the wind is blowing, and the sunrays are spreading all over the park without any discrimination. Then, what Corona has changed?

Yes, the sound of anklets has faded, the worldly ‘hoors’ look less attractive; the people who tried to seem infidels are being investigated by the British police. There were the rare scenes of the couples in love holding hand in hand. But, the beauty of nature was whispering everywhere.

Then the writer who fights for the harmony of religion and culture starts thinking what has changed. Nowhere does the behavior change. Somehow, aren’t we traveling towards happiness? Haven’t the virtues of Corona merged us with our close relationship? Isn’t the worth of certain relationship got increased because of other distant relationships?

Allah Almighty in all his holy books, the prophets in all their words, philosophers in all their courses, the monks in all their words. The warrior taught the highest level of cleanliness in all his jihad, which we had forgotten altogether, but it was the virtue of Corona who was once again teaching and practicing cleanliness. Meditation, which is recognized by every religion and society, is also being recognized in modern times on scientific grounds and may be included in the curriculum in the coming period. The virtues of Corona also taught us the meditation and the distance to the community. Relationship boundaries are understood as a cure.  For many days my last Prophet Muhammad was busy meditating inside the cave Hira.

When their tribe Banu Hashim’s societies were boycotted, their entire tribe, Banu Hashem, for about two and a half years, banned social distance and relations in Abi Talib, a gulf area near Mecca. If you study the lives of most of the great people of the world, those people who lived thousands of years ago still spend most of their lives in solitude or meditation. Mahatma Gautam, the founder of the world’s third largest Buddhist religion, spent twenty-five years in solitude and meditation, then went on to meet the highest level of intellect.

Corona’s ruthless behavior has affected nearly three million people and killed sixty thousand people till date, and nearly 300,000 people have recovered after defeating it. But human behavior that is the cause of real happiness has probably changed by the hundreds of millions of people so far. The ozone layer between the sun and the earth protects many creatures from sun radiation, as well as the glaciers of the continent Antarctica. This layer of ozone was weakened by the reckless use of the world’s fastest commercial industry and motor vehicles, and was having cracks in it. Due to Corona’s lockdown, the base of ozone has not only been thick but also has begun to fill the cracks. This is because of the power that might have to balance this universe and keeps it intact. However, in a balanced universe, this is the essence of nature.

However, with the advent of the Corona virus, where the powers of the world seemed powerless, the concept of supreme power was also strengthened. People’s belief in the oneness of God was renewed. But alas, some of the rational people still see the pandemic as a conspiracy. Some English movie translations were out of context and marketed, while some viewed it as a battle of world powers.

In the light of historical studies and the context of pandemic diseases on nations, my poor intellect says that the news and the fearful atmosphere will be reversed in the next two weeks. In the news of the world’s news organizations it will be clear that only so many cases of Corona have been registered today. Today, only Corona could have killed so many people. Today thousands of people were defeated by Corona, and then gradually the news of happiness will begin to rise and the atmosphere of fear begins to decline. In the next four weeks life will begin to recede and people will come out of fear of Corona.

I don’t think any of this month’s predictions of mine are misperceived or misunderstood as if I am the expert of the knowledge of unseen, or part of a global conspiracy. My analysis is based on historical references, epidemiological and people’s knowledge of these periods, science, inventions, and medical knowledge.

Despite the vehicles, clothes, home, relationships, shifting to a new city or a country, the person who was hurt may have changed his attitude, and I have no problem saying that Corona has changed the attitude of millions of people and more.

By virtue of Corona, many have become the true human beings.


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