TikTok releases top 5 Pakistani songs of 2022

As 2022 comes close to its end, TikTok has released its annual year-end report which includes a list of the top five popular songs that soundtracked the year on the platform in Pakistan.

“We’re honoured to celebrate our global community who shaped this year’s trends, shared new ideas, learned from one another and turned their passions into careers and livelihoods throughout 2022,” said Vanessa Pappas, Chief Operating Officer, TikTok, in a press release.

“It’s been truly inspiring to see over a billion people around the world show their creativity and come together to experience joy and find a sense of belonging on TikTok,” she added.

It’s no surprise that music has played a huge role in TikTok’s success, with users creating and sharing lipsync, dance, and comedy videos set to popular songs. 

These top five songs from Pakistan reflect the diverse and dynamic music scene on the platform, featuring a mix of genres and artists.

Here is the list:

At the top of the list is “Habibi” by Asim Azhar, a singer-songwriter known for his soulful voice and catchy melodies.

Following close behind is “Jhoom – R&B Mix” by Ali Zafar, a remix of his original song that was released way back in 2011. Ali Zafar is an artist known for his fusion of pop, rock, and folk music.

“Pasoori” by Shae Gill and Ali Sethi, a melodic and emotional love song, comes in at number three, while “Agay Dekh (Pakistan Super League)” by Atif Aslam and Aima Baig, a upbeat and energetic anthem for the popular cricket league, takes the fourth spot.

Rounding out the list is “Ik Lamha” by Azaan Sami Khan, a romantic and soulful ballad.

Overall, these top five songs showcase the talent and diversity of the Pakistani music scene on TikTok and the platform’s ability to bring people together through the power of music.

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