US urges India to restore political activities in occupied Kashmir

NEW YORK (a1tv news) The US administration has called on India to restore local bodies election and political rights of people in illegally occupied Jammu and Kashmir region.

Talking to British media, Assistant Secretary of State Donald Lu said that the US policy in Kashmir is unchanged.

He asserted that the long-standing Kashmir dispute should be settled between Pakistan and India through direct talks.

India should ensure that media is working freely in the region as it is necessary for peace, he said, adding that the US had held high-level discussion on human rights violations in India.

Responding to a question about a US deal for upgradation of the F-16 fight jets fleet in Pakistan, Donald Lu said that it was not a military assistance but a business deal.

The US official, however, avoided questions about allegations made by former prime minister Imran Khan about regime change plot in Pakistan. 

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