Watch: Currency notes rain down on motorway

As Pakistan – a country of over 220 million –  is facing an economic crisis, a sight of one of its highways shows a contrasting image when commuters can be seen showering currency notes on it.

The clip shot by a handheld device from within a car showed a convoy of SUVs and double cabin trucks moving forward and showering money on the vehicles. First currency bills of Rs50 and Rs100 were all over the roads and then Rs500 notes were thrown away on the busy highway.

As a large amount of cash flew in the air and covered some ground, some workers apparently flocked to collect the notes.

The clip further progressed as the convoy moves forward; the man who apparently filmed the money-showering event even passed comments about the act and that’s at a time when masses are struggling for their meals.

Showering money is a popular ritual at ‘desi’ events as people shower notes as a showoff act to garner praise. 

Lately, family members at the wedding event showered mobile phones and currency notes from the rooftop of a marriage hall in Mandi Bahauddin.

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