Indian woman Anju, who travelled to Pakistan to marry love of her life, returns home

ISLAMABAD – Anju Nasrullah, an Indian citizen who made headlines for her love beyond borders story, has now returned home after five five-month stay in Pakistan.

Pakistan witnessed several cross-border love stories in recent months as people in archrival nations, are blooming on social media. Four women from different countries arrived in Pakistan to find love and India’s Anju was one of them who tied the knot with a resident of capital.

Anju, a married Indian woman, stunned everyone as she travelled to Pakistan to marry the man she finds on Facebook. The mother of two was in contact with a Pakistani man for some time through WhatsApp and other sites.

After embracing Islam and changing her name to Fatima, Anju stays with Nasrullah in Pakistan for months.

As of now, the woman is being questioned by Indian authorities as she returned home.

Anju said she is delighted to be in her homeland. In a clip, she praised Pakistanis for helping her from day one. “I never felt like I lacked anything and I got support in every way”, she said, and thanked Pakistanis for treating her with great respect.

The woman hailed from Bhiwadi in India’s Rajasthan district, where she lived with her husband Arvind and two children.

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