Ailing elephant Noor Jehan dies at Karachi Zoo

KARACHI(a1tv news) Ailing elephant Noor Jehan, who went under the knife earlier this month, succumbed to the complications as she did not recover properly, with her condition worsening to an alarming extent in recent days as the cow took a tumble during recovery.

Administrator Karachi Dr. Saif ul Rehman told a local media outlet that Noor Jehan, named after a queen of the 17th-century Mughal emperor of the subcontinent Jehangir, was down with a high fever in recent days.

Her demise has saddened social activists who took to social media to mourn the demise of the ailing elephant.

On Friday, the ailing elephant stood on its feet despite her ill health, days after she fell into a small enclosure of a pond which aggravated her situation.

Noor Jehan was reportedly suffering from hematoma while she was filmed with swollen joints. The condition rendered the cow partially immobile. Earlier, social media users caused an uproar against deliberate ignorance and demanded provincial minister Nasir Hussain Shah visit the zoo and inquire about its well-being.

In 2021, FOUR PAWS recommended that Noor Jehan and her companion Madhubala be relocated to a species-appropriate place. The authorities have decided that Noor Jehan will be moved as soon as she is healthy enough.

The poor animal’s plight sparked outrage against the authorities incompetence and neglect. Among many social media users are Pakistani celebrities who took notice of Noor Jehan’s turmoil and expressed their sorrow.

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