Alkhidmat Foundation secures coveted Turkish award

With yet another proud moment for Pakistani people, a social welfare foundation has secured a coveted Turkish award for its contribution and efforts to assist the earthquake victims in Turkiye.

Alkhidmat Foundation Pakistan, a local charity, was honoured with the “Supreme Sacrifice of the Republic of Turkiye” by the country’s President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan.

Alkhidmat Foundation helped Turkish authorities in search, rescue, and aid operations following the destructive earthquake that hit the country earlier on February 6th. Turkiye and Syria were both severely affected by the havoc wreaked by the natural disaster.

Alkhidmat Foundation stepped up with the help of 47 dedicated members — known as ‘Pak 10’ —  in the search and rescue team, led by Ikramul Haq Subhani. The group worked day and night for 10 days during the harrowing earthquake’s aftermath. 

According to media outlets, the Turkish President expressed gratitude to the foundation and Pakistani people for their persistent support. Responding to Erdogan’s remarks, Subhani highlighted the brotherly bond between the two nations.

Alkhidmat Foundation Pakistan’s president, Dr. Hafeezur Rehman, congratulated the organization’s volunteers on securing a coveted award and noted that the “Supreme Sacrifice of the Republic of Turkiye” honor represents pride for Pakistan.

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