Ameer Balaj murder case: CIA nabs close friend Ahsan Shah

LAHORE – The Crime Investigation Agency (CIA) has apprehended another individual in connection with the murder case of Ameer Balaj, the son of the late Tipu Truckanwala.

The newly captured suspect, identified as Ahsan Shah, was revealed to be a close associate of Balaj, who was fatally shot earlier this month during a wedding ceremony in Lahore.

Shah stands accused of allegedly conducting reconnaissance on Balaj’s whereabouts. According to reports, Shah was in Saudi Arabia at the time of Balaj’s killing, but it is purported that he relayed information about Balaj’s location to a rival group over the phone.

Despite allegations, Ahsan Shah’s family refutes claims that he received Rs5 million for the reconnaissance task.

On February 19, a gunman, later neutralized by Balaj’s security guard, infiltrated the wedding ceremony under the guise of a guest. The assailant opened fire, gravely injuring Balaj and two other attendees. Balaj succumbed to his injuries at Jinnah Hospital, while the other two victims remain hospitalized.

The law enforcement authorities have cordoned off the area and launched a comprehensive investigation to uncover the motives behind the murder.

Ameer Balaj’s father, Tipu Truckanwala, met a similar fate in a gun attack at Lahore’s Allama Iqbal International Airport in 2010.

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