Anoushey Ashraf treats fans with pictures from Scotland trip

Lollywood’s finest VJ turned host Anoushey Ashraf has proved her mettle in the industry with wit and talent.

The carefree diva is often seen exuding wanderlust energy on her social media platforms with scintillating pictures of the exotic places she visits.

The Saanp Seerhi actress is a true globe trotter whose passion for traveling is one of her remarkable traits. Ashraf was recently spotted having the best time of her life in Scotland’s rugged landscapes and dramatic scenery.

The MTV Video Jockey made sure to visit the famous Edinburgh Castle which has been named the UK’s most beautiful landmark, and fourth in the world, according to a survey. 

Ashraf’s trekking in Scotland’s breathtaking beauty included simply topping the hills and mountains to soaking up the scenery.

The 39-year-old diva was also spotted having mouthwatering fish and chips at one of the famous food points in the country before flying to the UK and then New York to join her family.  

On the work front, Ashraf has made her way into high-end brands such as Ponds, Warid Telecom, L’Oreal, Chinyere and MTV and become their face. She also appeared in Sehra Main Safar, Chanar Ghati and Saanp Seerhi.

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