Arshad Sharif killing,Media mogul refuses to return to Pakistan citing ‘trust issues’ on PML-N govt

ISLAMABAD(a1tv news) Pakistani business magnate and media mogul Salman Iqbal refused to return to his homeland as the federal government announced a thorough probe into journalist Arshad Sharif’s murder.

ARY chief responded a day after a military spokesperson said the media house owner should be brought back to Pakistan to interrogate him about the killing of Arshad Sharif.

In a statement released on his Twitter, the 48-year-old demanded an independent investigation, overseen by the UN Human Rights Office, with a view to bringing those responsible to justice.

He mentioned having trust issues about the incumbent government, denied allegations levelled against him by Interior Minister, and called them a continuation of the smear campaign.

He slammed PML-N led government for holding multiple pressers, saying it is disgusting to try and politicise Arshad’s death.

ARY chief maintained that threats to Arshad’s life were and lamented that instead of receiving help, the slain journalist was targeted with cases of sedition, which according to him compelled Sharif to make the difficult choice to leave Pakistan.

He further mentioned protecting his people as his top priority, saying It is not easy to be a journalist in South Asian nation.

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