Baby born with two penises undergoes surgery in Pakistan

ISLAMABAD(a1tv news) A child born with two penises and no opening of the large intestine has undergone a medical procedure in Pakistan, says a case report published in the International Journal of Surgery.

The newborn suffering from a very rare medical condition known as diphallia has two penises that, according to doctors of the Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences (PIMS), are ‘normal-shaped’. However, one phallus was slightly bigger than the other. One of the penises was 1.5cm, while the other was 2.5cm.

The boy can pass urine from both penises as he has a single bladder attached to two urethras. The doctors did not give the reason for keeping both phalluses.

An opening was created via colonoscopy so the newborn can pass feces. To help him pass the stool like any normal person, the medical team diverted one end of his colon through an opening in the lower left side of the abdomen.

It is said that parents of the newborn took him to the emergency department of a paediatric hospital in the country’s federal capital soon after he was born.

The journal says that such cases are extremely rare, one in six million. A total of 100 such cases have even been recorded in the medical literature in the last 500 years.

Experts say there is no known single risk factor behind such birth defects, but it is believed that such defects occur when genitalia develops in the womb.

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