Can one perform Hajj on visit visa? Saudi Arabia clarifies policy for visitors

RIYADH(a1tv news)Authorities in Saudi Arabia have clarified on Monday that Hajj can not be performed whilst one is on a visit visa to the country. 

The Saudi Arabia’s media while quoting Ministry of Hajj and Umrah has elaborated that only those on Hajj visa would be allowed to perform Hajj this year scheduled in June.

The ministry further highlighted that those who are based in the kingdom and have a residence permit also need permit for Hajj to perform the Islamic ritual as the residence permit does not allow them to perform Hajj.

As per the standard rules and procedures, Hajj permit is issued only to those who land in the country on a Hajj visa which is entirely different from the visit visa. The authorities have underscored the need for locals to contact travel agencies and trusted agents for getting the Hajj permit while warning that those who are found violating the laws would be prosecuted against.

The kingdom of Saudi Arabia has digitalized the process for most of the activities related to Hajj and Umrah and Nusuk App in this regard can be handy.

The Hajj will take place in June this year and the government of Saudi Arabia is finalizing the details for the biggest religious event of the kingdom that would see 2.3 million Muslims in the kingdom. This is the first time that the number of pilgrims has been restored to pre-Covid levels.

At present, the country is catering to all those who are there for Umrah. The government has also clarified that during the Ramadan, pilgrims would not be allowed to do more than one Umrah. This has been done so that all the pilgrims can perform their rituals with ease and comfort and there is no over crowding.

Different countries across the world are receiving Hajj applications from the citizens currently. In this regard, Pakistan would be receiving the Hajj applications under the government scheme till March 31st after which the balloting would take place on April 5th.

Pakistan’s quota for Hajj 2023 is 179,210 pilgrims. This is the first time that the government of Saudi Arabia has restored the number of pilgrims to pre-Covid levels. 

It is to be highlighted that 50 percent quota has been reserved for Sponsorship scheme which is a special facility given to Hajj pilgrims seeking foreign exchange from abroad in the specific dollar account of the religious affairs ministry.

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