Does Nida Yasir take skin-whitening injections?

Pakistani television host Nida Yasir revealed that she takes shots of skin-whitening injections named Glutathione, saying that it is very beneficial for a person’s skin. 

The 49-year-old host was speaking during an interview where she also talked about her relationship with her husband, mother-in-law and her future plans after retirement. 

“I buy Glutathione’s shots and drink them. I do a course as Glutathione is very good for your skin. If you are afraid of injections, then you can drink them,” she said during the interview. 

The host talked about Nida’s fairer complexion, saying that rumours were rife that the former actress had a wheatish complexion before. 

However, Nida said that she still has a wheatish skin tone and showed her hands on camera. She said that sometimes the makeup plays its part while sometimes it’s the lighting. 

The former actress noted that before her professional life began, she never wore sunscreen or took care of her skin but now she wears sunblock and treats her skin better. 

What is Glutathione?

According to Byrdie, Glutathione is a naturally occurring antioxidant which is produced by our liver and helps in removing naturally occurring antioxidants.

“Glutathione is a natural compound found in the liver as well as in many fruits and vegetables, like garlic, onions, avocado, parsley, and squash,” said California-licensed physician and board-certified dermatologist Michael Lin. 

“In the liver, it’s a powerful antioxidant that is used by your body to help remove free radicals and toxins.” Practitioners claim taking glutathione orally doesn’t deliver the same detoxifying results, since it just gets absorbed by your digestive system — thus, the injection method,” he explains. 

Moreover, Food and Drug Administration has not approved the glutathione injections. These injections purportedly provide these benefits: 

  • Stronger immune system
  • Increased energy
  • Brighter skin

The side effects include rapid detoxification, body aches, nausea, headaches, mild diarrhoea, and chills without fever, according to Byrdie

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