Gen Bajwa advised us to support PTI, CM Elahi endorses Moonis’ remarks

LAHORE (a1tv news) Punjab Chief Minister Chaudhry Parvez Elahi on Sunday while endorsing his son Moonis Elahi’s remarks said that former COAS General Bajwa advised the Pakistan Muslim League – Quaid (PML-Q) top brass to support former premier Imran Khan during no-trust motion submitted by the opponents in March this year.

Speaking on a private TV channel, Elahi said that “Allah changed our path in the last moments and sent Bajwa sahab to show us the way.”

He  revealed that Gen Bajwa told him that Imran Khan was better option when he expressed his concerns about the Sharifs before the ex-COAS.

Mr Elahi said “I knew that they [Sharif] would not let me to continue [as chief minister] as they have betrayed me in the past,” he remarked.

The PML-Q leader said his son Moonis played a major role in convincing him to support PTI instead of joining Pakistan Democratic Movement alliance.

Similarly, Moonis Elahi in an interview with a private channel said that Moonis Elahi revealed that ex-COAS had advised them to back PTI when the no-confidence motion was moved against former Prime Minister Imran Khan, The News reported Friday.

He said that both Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) and Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM) had made offers to them, however, Gen (retd) Bajwa asked them to support the Imran Khan-led party.

“Certain elements are busy on social media bashing Bajwa sahib without any reason. This is the same Bajwa who changed the course of rivers for the PTI. Then he [Bajwa] was right, but now he is not. I have a total disagreement with those who are now talking against him,” he added.

“When he was giving you all-out support, he was right,” the PML-Q leader said, wondering if Bajwa had now become a traitor to them.

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