Hareem Shah reveals her previous profession in first interview after video leak scandal

The controversial Pakistani TikToker, Hareem Shah, recently made headlines for all the wrong reasons when she fell victim to a data breach. The scandalous incident caused quite an uproar and outrage on social media. Hareem blamed her friends Sandal Khattak and Ayesha Naz for stealing her phone and leaking her private videos on social media who later denied the accusation.

Shah recently shared a clip of her interview with a digital media outlet on social media, where she talked about her life journey.

During the interview, she revealed that she used to work as a teacher before gaining fame on TikTok. It’s interesting to note that despite being a famous TikToker now, Hareem claims to have a strong background in education. She, however, did not mention the details about the subjects she taught, but her revelation highlights the importance of education and how it can lead to success in different fields.

In response to a question about her marital status, Shah confirmed that she is indeed married and that her marriage can be verified through NADRA or any other institution in Pakistan.

When asked about her career aspirations, Hareem revealed that she gained fame through TikTok, and although she could be called a “TikTok star,” her favourite subject is history and she would have pursued a career as a teacher if TikTok was not a part of her life.

In regards to politics, Hareem expressed that if she was appointed as the Prime Minister for one day, she would ensure justice for all, regardless of their social status. She further added that she would work towards eliminating the disparity between the rich and the poor.

Hareem also responded to Sandal Khattak’s allegations about the viral video and stated that making accusations is a simple task, but proving them can be quite challenging.

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