Hareem Shah threatens to leak videos if Rana Sanaullah doesn’t restore internet by tonight

In a twist of events, the controversy queen Hareem Shah has once again stirred up a storm by threatening to release objectionable videos allegedly involving Interior Minister Rana Sanaullah.

This bold threat comes amidst the backdrop of a four-day suspension of mobile internet services across the country, implemented in response to widespread protests triggered by the arrest of former Prime Minister Imran Khan.

Taking to her Twitter account, the popular TikTok star issued a direct ultimatum to Rana Sanaullah, demanding the prompt restoration of mobile internet services. Hareem Shah warned that if her demand is not met within the given timeframe, she would take retaliatory action by leaking a collection of videos that could potentially cause trouble for the Minister.

This isn’t the first time Shah has found herself at the centre of controversy. She has a history of attracting media attention with her provocative actions and statements. Recently, she faced a major scandal when private videos of her were leaked on social media. The incident sparked a heated debate and widespread criticism across various online platforms. Hareem Shah, in response, blamed her friends for this breach of privacy and expressed her intention to pursue legal action against them.

Furthermore, in 2019, a video featuring Hareem Shah and Sheikh Rashid, the former Federal Minister for Railways, went viral on social media. The controversial clip garnered significant attention and generated a considerable amount of controversy. However, Hareem Shah later deleted the video from her social media accounts and released a statement disowning it. She claimed that she had no intention to defame anyone and sought to distance herself from the incident.

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