Imran Khan visits female journalist Sadaf Naeem’s residence

LAHORE (a1tv News)Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan on Monday visited female journalist Sadaf Naeem’s residence in Lahore to extend the grievances to the family.

PTI Chairman expressed his condolences to the mother and children of Sadaf Naeem and prayed that Allah forgive the deceased and give her family patience.

After extending the condolences, Imran Khan left for Komoke to join his rally of long march.

Sadaf was covering PTI long march and died after being crushed under Imran Khan’s container.

The deceased was a reporter for Channel 5. Sadaf fell from the container after which she was crushed by the vehicle.

(1) Hassan Hafeez on Twitter: “چیئرمین پی ٹی آئی عمران خان شہید خاتون صحافی صدف نعیم کے گھر تعزیت کیلئے پہنچ گئے، والدہ عمران خان کو دیکھ کر آبدیدہ ہو گئیں!” / Twitter

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