King Charles ‘bans’ Kate Middleton ‘favourite food’ at Royal Palaces

King Charles III as reportedly put a sustainable ban on various food items across the Palace.

Amongst the dishes, His Majesty has also restricted the usage of foie gras.

Master of the King’s Household, Tony Johnstone-Burt, revealed: “I can confirm that foie gras is not purchased by the Royal Household nor served in Royal Residences, and there are no plans for this policy to change,”

The ban is made across Balmoral, Sandringham, Windsor Castle, Hillsborough Castle and Buckingham Palace.

Elisa Allen, vice-president of Peta, also supported the decision and told people to “follow the King’s lead and leave foie gras off the menu this Christmas and beyond”.

“Video footage of birds being painfully force-fed is enough to make anyone lose their lunch,” she added.

However, the decision is reportedly not relished by Kate Middleton, who  relished eating the dish before her marriage to Prince William.

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