Man robs own son at ATM

GLASGOW (a1tv news) A robber left embarrassed and shocked when the victim in a robbery bid in Glasgow, Scotland, turned out his own son.

Reports said the incident happened in November last when a 45-year-old masked man attempted to rob the boy, who was withdrawing cash from an ATM in Cranhill area. As the 17-year-old collected the cash, the robber pushed him against the wall.  The boy felt a large kitchen knife pressed against his face.

The masked man then demanded the money. However, the boy was quick to recognised the voice of his father and he asked him, “Do you Know who am I?”

The attacker did not pay heed to it, and said: “I don’t care who are you and forced him to give the money”. At this boy removed his snood and asked, “What are you doing,” to which the man responded, “I’m sorry, I’m desperate and have no other option.”

The boy then fled the spot and later informed the police. The man was subsequently arrested and later he confessed to his crime. A court has sentenced him to jail for 26 months.

“I didn’t know it was him at the cash machine. I have done it. I will do the time for it,” he said while admitting a charge of attempting to rob the boy.

Sheriff Andrew Cubie, who sentenced the man to 26 months, told the court, “These are an extraordinary set of events.”

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