Mirza Bilal Baig: Who is the third husband of Reham Khan?

LAHORE – British-Pakistani journalist Reham Khan on Friday announced her third marriage with Mirza Bilal Baig, saying she has found her ‘soulmate’.

Khan, 49, revealed that there is a 13-year age gap between Baig and herself.

Taking to Twitter, the former wife of ousted prime minister Imran Khan shared the news with her fans and followers.

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Who is Mirza Bilal Baig?

Baig, 36, is a US-based corporate professional and a former model. Like Reham, he was also married twice before. He graduated from IBA, Karachi.

Baig has one child from a previous marriage. 

Also a mimicry artist, he often posts comedy skits on his social media handles which are centered around the current affairs with a touch of satire.

Baig has also been part of the shows including “The 4 Men Show”, “Dil Pey Mut Ley Yaar” and “National Alien Broadcast”.

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