Pakistan decides to shut markets, restaurants at 8pm, wedding halls at 10pm in new energy-saving plan

ISLAMABAD(a1tv news) In another bid to conserve energy, the Pakistan government has decided to shut markets, and restaurants across the country at 8 pm, while wedding halls will be allowed to continue functions till 10 pm.

Defense Minister and PML-N stalwart Khawaja Asif makes the announcement as the incumbent government planned to save more than Rs260 billion in the import bill.

Marriage halls will be closed by 10 pm, while pharmacies and some other businesses have been exempted from early closure.

Ministers also mentioned that the government was mulling two days per week work from home for some of the government staff on a rotation basis in light of cost-saving measures. He said late -night shopping can no longer be tolerated under current circumstances.

Comparing cash-strapped countries with other nations, the minister said markets should no longer remain open until 2 am, stressing the need to change lifestyle to deal with the brewing energy crisis.

Asif further revealed the government’s plan to launch E-bikes and other options to shift existing bikes to work on electricity, saying these stern measures are the need of the hour in wake of limited resources.

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