Pakistan observes International Workers’ Day

LAHORE/ISLAMABAD (a1tv news) International Workers’ Day is being observed all over the world including Pakistan to highlight the sacrifices of workers and their rights. Rallies will be organised in all major cities in this regard.

Even on the day celebrated for the workers, the worker is working earn bread for his children without knowing the importance of this day. Google’s doodle also changed on Labour Day. The day is a public holiday across the country.

What is Labour Day?

On May 1, 1886, the workers of the American city of Chicago took to the streets against the exploitation by capitalists and industrialists, but the police opened fire on the procession, killing and injuring hundreds of workers, while dozens stood up for their rights. Scores of them were hanged for raising their voice for their rights.

International Workers’ Day is celebrated on May 1st in most countries of the world to express solidarity with the workers of Chicago. May 1st is celebrated every year with a pledge to make rapid efforts to change the economic conditions of workers.

The celebration of Labour Day at the national level in Pakistan started in 1973 during the regime of Zulfikar Ali Bhutto.

Plight of Labourers in Pakistan
Labourer leaders say that tens of thousands of workers working in the private sector still do not have access to social security including health facilities, the minimum wage announcement by the government is not being implemented.

They say that legislation cannot be passed in the interest of workers without the representation of workers in the Senate, including the national and provincial assemblies. So all political parties must allocate specific seats for workers.

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