PTI’s Maleeka Bokhari falls victim to ‘deepfake video’ propaganda

ISLAMABAD – Former lawmaker and spokesperson of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf on legal issues Maleeka Bokhari has become the victim of dirty deepfake propaganda as video clips linked to her surfaced online today showing a woman in compromising position.

Social media was all buzzing about the alleged clip as people discovered that a video of a woman donning a revealing dress has been uploaded to Twitter, Reddit, and other platforms. The model in the clip can be seen using all of her seductive charm.

As some referred to the video as deep fake technology, the official handle of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf blamed the ruling PML-N for the act.

A tweet shared in this regard saying ‘social media accounts linked to PML-N are spreading fake propaganda, and attributing a picture and video of an Indian model to Ms. Bokhari. Actually, it’s an Indian model who is shamelessly being portrayed as Maleeka Bokhari in a character-assassination campaign by PDM and its Lifafas, the tweet further said.

As the clips triggered new debate, PTI supporters, journalists, and activists took to Twitter to express sympathy with the former Member of the National Assembly.

Here’s how people reacted:

Such manipulated clips, pictures, and audio recordings of politicians cast a negative light on politicians while the government and opposition have been trading blame for such leaks, however, both sides fall victim to leaks and such propaganda which discredited them.

With a slew of audio leaks including adult conversations surfacing in last year, social media users are also aware that such acts appear to be a scheme to tarnish politicians’ image.

Left-wing supporters even allege that foreign agencies are behind such campaigns, however, it shows the incompetence of the administration that resulted in these leaks as no action has been taken over the month

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