Punjab Assembly stands dissolved

LAHORE(a1tv news) Punjab Assembly stood dissolved as Punjab Governor Baleeghur Rahman refused to sign the summary sent by Chief Minister Pervaiz Elahi.

As per the rules, the Assembly in the country’s most populous region stood dissolved automatically on Saturday night as Chief Minister Elahi had sent advice to Governor to dissolve the assembly at 10:00 pm on January 12, and the deadline ends.

Following the dissolution of the Punjab Assembly, Elahi and Opposition Leader Hamza Shehbaz will suggests names for the nomination of a caretaker Punjab chief minister.

In a social media post, Punjab Governor said he has decided against becoming part of the process leading to the dissolution of Punjab Assembly.  “I would rather let the Constitution and law take its own course. Doing so will not hamper any legal process as Constitution clearly provides a way forward,” he said.

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