Snap polls only solution to avert economic crisis in Pakistan: Imran Khan

LAHORE(a1tv news)Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan said Monday that holding of early elections was the only solution to the ongoing economic condition of the country.

Addressing the nation through video link, the former prime minister painted a bleak economic picture amid rising inflation and devaluation of Pakistani rupee.

“The reason for my media talk is to make the people aware of the direction that our country is heading in. If we don’t raise our voice for early elections, we will push out the country into more difficulties,” the PTI Chairman said.

The ex-prime minister said he was not only addressing the nation, but he was also speaking to the institutions as economic deterioration would affect the entire country.

Khan said when the PTI government rolled out the National Security Policy (NSP), it mentioned that despite Soviet Union’s armed forces being the strongest in the world, it could not save the state from collapse due to the economic condition.

The ex-premier said the judiciary should play its role as they will also “be answerable” if the economy further worsens. “Also, I am surprised at the business community’s silence.”

The ousted prime minister also questioned the business community for not raising their voices amid economic crisis, saying that it was the business community that was the worst affected due to the current economic scenario.

The former prime minister said even farmers were happy as four major crops registered record yields.

“But today, I want to tell all of you that you will be responsible for the destruction of the country if you do not speak up,” the PTI chief said, noting that since the loans are increasing, the rupee-dollar parity is also surging.

The PTI chief said that the only solution to the crisis is free and fair elections. “I want someone to tell me what the solution to this is. There is no other solution as the country’s economy is linked to political stability.”

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