Syed Jibran talks about his character in ‘Daraar”

Lollywood actor Jibran Khan has shed light on the character dynamic in latest drama serial Daraar. The Chingari star recently sat down during interview with BBC and discussed the dimensions and developments that he went through to portray Shaheer.

Speaking of his role in the drama, Jibran said, “I feel like Shaheer is not a negative character. It is, in fact, very good that our stories have evolved in such a way that the traditional hero-heroine and villain situations are less common.”

The Aik Thi Rania actor further added, “A character does not have to spread either good or bad. My character in Daraar is going with a similar story. He’s a great guy in the beginning but he is also troublesome later.”

In response to the general perception of ‘Shaheer’ being problematic, Jibran suggested,“’Most of the time, when a man has any illicit relations with other women, he is not sincere with his wife and doesn’t pay attention to her. However, we have shown that Shaheer is a perfect husband and an ideal son-in-law. He’s a great brother but he is also very calculated with his acts. He can also be so cruel that his public image echoes perfection, but the vices and weaknesses in his personality also shape him.” 

On the work front, Jibran was recently seen in Tarap, Safar Tamam Howa, Mohabbat Daagh Ki Surat, Aitebaar, Meray Humnasheen, and Pehchaan.

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