Traffic police start breathalyser tests to catch drunk drivers in Lahore

LAHORE(a1tv news Police in Pakistan’s cultural capital have announced starting breathalyser tests to stop people from driving in an intoxicated state.

The Traffic police have set up special checkpoints at various locations in the metropolis and started using breathalyzers to nab drunk drivers.

In a recent interaction with the media, Chief Traffic Officer (CTO) Lahore, Dr. Assad Malhi, revealed that the latest initiative stemmed from cases in which intoxicated drivers lost control which led to major accidents.

The top traffic cop of the country’s second-largest city warned of legal action against drunk drivers under Motor Vehicle Ordinance. Offenders will face jail time up to 6 months along with the fine, the CTO added.

Lahore Traffic Police also shared the new initiative on its official handle on Twitter, asking citizens to behave responsibly and don’t drive whilst intoxicated.

Drunk driving is said to be a major cause of death as thousands of people are killed in major crashes every year. 

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