Transgender persons not allowed to leave homes after midnight in Quetta

QUETTA (A1TV NEWS)In a bizarre move in Balochistan’s capital Quetta, law enforcers of central police station restricted transgender members from roaming the streets after midnight in the neighborhood.

Speaking with a local news outlet, SHO Civil Line police station confirmed the ban on trans members roaming on streets which according to the police team aimed at ending harassment. Cops also accused these members of being involved in prostitution in the wee hours.

Cops flagged trans-members strolling on streets with other crimes as they attract muggers and are vulnerable to street crimes.

In this regard, local cops have issued a circular and even warned of legal action against anyone found flouting the new rules which sparked another debate online.

Scores of trans women were attacked and even murdered on the streets in recent years. Transgender people were legally recognised as the third gender in South Asian nation through a Supreme Court ruling but discrimination against the community is widespread as they face sexual harassment, honor killings, and other heinous crimes.

In a recent incident, Pakistan’s first transgender TV anchor Marvia Malik escaped a gun attack in Lahore last week.

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