UAE’s Special Visa Centre is coming to Karachi: Read details here

KARACHI – The United Arab Emirates Consul General, Bakhit Atiq Al-Rumiti has announced that the UAE government would open a special visa center in Karachi.

Emphasized that the UAE remains committed to standing by Pakistan in times of difficulty, the official said the special visa center would help the large population of Pakistanis in the UAE.

The official while speaking at the meeting of Korangi Association of Trade and Industry (KATI), assured Pakistan of unwavering support during challenging times and emphasized the potential for joint ventures and increased collaboration between the two countries.

He also expressed the UAE’s eagerness to enhance bilateral trade and facilitate Pakistan’s exports, acknowledging the significant contribution of the Pakistani community in the UAE.

The envoy also proposed direct registration of Pakistani companies with the Emirates Ministry of Foreign Affairs to enhance bilateral trade, Brecorder reported.

The opening of a special visa center is a piece of welcome news for Pakistanis as they would be able to get visas expeditiously and with much comfort.

Earlier this year, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) established Asia’s largest visa center in Pakistan’s southern metropolis, Karachi. 

The visa center is offering exceptional consular services in line with the most recent international best practices and 11 counters have been set up in the visa center for the convenience of people.

When the visa center was opened, it was announced that 200 UAE visas would be issued to citizens on a daily basis; as far as statistics are concerned, there are 1.7 million Pakistanis in UAE and are involved in nation-building through different jobs. 

It bears mentioning that UAE hosts the second-largest Pakistani expat community in the world.

The data by the State Bank of Pakistan confirms that the volume of remittances from the UAE to Pakistan in fiscal year 2022 was $2555.22 million, implying that a sizeable Pakistani workforce is employed in the country in diverse fields from banks to real estate to the insurance sector.

Pakistan also has close ties with UAE considering that both the countries are Muslim. The government of UAE has also helped Pakistan in the past wade through the economic crisis through the provision of soft loans and other measures.

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