WATCH,British man breaks Guinness World Record with 17 face flesh tunnels

British national James Goss has broken his own Guinness World Record with 17 flesh tunnels on his face, as reported by United Press International on Friday. 

In 2020, Goss set the initial world record for the most face flesh tunnels when he had 14, which he then broke again in 2022 with 15.

Goss shared with Guinness World Records that expressing himself, despite others’ opinions, has made him feel more fulfilled. He expressed his belief that it’s better to be himself and spend energy finding where he fits in, instead of changing himself to fit in with other people.

To qualify for the record, each of Goss’ flesh tunnels had to measure at least 0.11 inches. Goss finds it pretty cool to be a record holder and has even put it on his CV. He expressed that the best thing was that his mother was really proud of him after he was verified the first time, which made him feel very good.

Breaking a Guinness World Record can be an extraordinary accomplishment for an individual. Goss has achieved this twice by expressing himself with unique body modifications. It takes determination and the willingness to push oneself beyond limits to reach this achievement. For Goss, being true to oneself is key, and he hopes to inspire others to do the same.

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