Applying for Belgium Working Holiday Visa? This detailed guide is a must read

BRUSSELS – Belgium is known for its quality of chocolates besides having more than one language of communication within the country.

The country is also famous due to its political role regarding the European Union as it is home to the European Union (EU) commission and Parliament. If you are also interested in history, architecture and have interest in global affairs, you can relocate to Belgium on a Working Holiday Visa as under:

The Belgium Working Holiday Visa is what can serve your purpose as you can work in the country on this visa type. This type of visa is issued to qualified professionals and is valid for one year.

It must be kept in mind that all the activities you perform under this visa must comply with the requirements listed on the visa. The basic aim behind offering this visa is to allow qualified professionals enjoy Belgium and explore the country and its culture besides working.  All candidates who secure this visa can work part-time with any employer they want.

Eligible Countries 

Citizens from across the world are not eligible to apply for this visa. Only the following countries have agreed with the Belgium Government for Working Holiday Visa which means citizens of these countries can apply for the Working Holiday Visa:



New Zealand

South Korea


Benefits of Belgium Working Holiday Visa

The Working Visa of Belgium offers you diverse oppurtunities which include: 

Living in Belgium for one year

Working for any company or employer for up to six months

Participating in any course

Leaving or re-entering the country as many times as one wants till the validity of the visa

Belgium Working Holiday Visa Requirements

Following are the requirements for the Working Holiday Visa:

The primary objective must be to travel to Belgium while the secondary motive must be working

The age limit for the visa type is is 18 to 30 years

The applicants must be single or married  but have no children

All applicants must have a valid passport

All applicants must have a return ticket or at least enough money to buy the ticket

All applicants must be applying for the first time for the Working Holiday Visa

All applicants must present a good health certificate assigned by the Belgium embassy designated physician

All applicants must be clean in terms of criminal record

Things to keep in mind

It is to be clarified that besides the requirements mentioned above, all applicants must arrive in Belgium within 3 months of the visa issuance date.

Moreover, applicants must register within eight days of arrival with the local administration or City Hall (commune or gemeente). After registration, a residence card will be issued, which you must keep with you in all conditions to travel freely in Schengen Area cants must have at least EUR 2,500 for living expenses in Belgium.

How to Apply for Working Holiday Visa?

The nationals of Canada can apply for the visa by filling out an application form online at: The applicants can decide they will send application file by mail or hand it in person in Montreal. 

The applicants can make an appointment on visaonweb to apply in person or disregard the functionality “make an appointment” if they choose to send your application by registered mail. Finally, the process on visaonweb should be completed. 

The application form should then be printed and date should be mentioned and signed. Then, all the documents listed below should be attached to your form.

The final step is mailing your application package to the Consulate General by registered or secured mail (FedEx, UPS, Purolator…), or apply in person on the set appointment date.

The documents needed are:

A statement of intent

Proof of payment of the administrative fee

Payment of the Consular fees (280 $)

Two recent pictures


Application Form

Police Check

Medical certificate

Proof of sufficient funds

Ability to return

Medical insurance

A return envelop

So, if you are applying for the Working Holiday Visa, go explore the country let us know how was your experience. 

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