Canadian man charged for desecrating Holy Quran, hurling threats at Markham mosque

OTTAWA(a1tv news) Canadian national, who stormed Markhan mosque, last week desecrated Holy Quran and hurled racial slurs at worshippers, was charged with hate crime and other serious offences.

The Islamophobic incident comes during the Ramadan, when Muslims flock to mosques for prayers and special lessons.

The suspect identified as Sharan Karunakaran, was detained in Toronto last week and has been charged with uttering threats, assault with a weapon, and dangerous driving.

International media quoting Canadian police said they charged suspect with hurling threats, assault with a weapon and dangerous driving. He will be presented at Ontario Superior Court of Justice in Newmarket tomorrow on Tuesday.

The recent incident sparked widespread condemnation from local officials, including Trade Minister, who said violence and Islamophobia has no place in Canadian community.

Muslims face scores of hate attacks in recent years including 2021 hit-and-run case, the fatal stabbing of a volunteer caretaker outside a Toronto mosque, and attack on a mosque in Quebec City.

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