Elon Musk warns Twitter users of drop in followers, here is why

Twitter CEO Elon Musk, in a tweet on Monday, revealed that the popular social media platform would be taking action by removing accounts that have remained inactive for an extended period, spanning several years.

This move aims to streamline the user experience and maintain an active and engaged community on the platform. As a consequence, Twitter users can anticipate a potential decline in their follower counts.

To ensure their accounts are not permanently deleted due to prolonged inactivity, Twitter’s policy stipulates that users should log in at least once every 30 days. This requirement serves as a reminder for individuals to remain active participants within the Twitterverse.

Recently, Musk found himself in the midst of a lighthearted controversy when he jokingly threatened to transfer National Public Radio’s Twitter account to another organization. This amusing exchange emerged after the broadcaster halted content posting across its 52 official Twitter feeds to protest a Twitter label that implied governmental involvement in its editorial content.

Adding to the platform’s recent developments, Twitter removed the distinguished blue verification badge from the profiles of numerous well-known figures, including celebrities, journalists, and prominent politicians. This alteration prompted discussions on the criteria and significance of the verification process.

Musk, in his ongoing efforts to address challenges faced by the social media platform, has proposed incorporating account verification as part of Twitter’s Blue subscription service. This approach is expected to tackle the persistent issue of bot accounts and foster a more authentic and trustworthy online environment.

Overall, Twitter’s proactive measures, from removing inactive accounts to reevaluating verification, demonstrate a commitment to refining user experiences and enhancing the platform’s integrity.

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