Hareem Shah joins political party in UK

Hareem Shah, one of the most popular social media personalities in Pakistan, said on Thursday that she has joined a mainstream political party in the United Kingdom on the invitation of its leader.

Without disclosing the name of the political party she claims to have joined, Hareem Shah said there are three major political parties in the UK and “I have joined one of them”. She said, “I cannot disclose the name of the party yet, but I can confirm I have joined.” 

The Labour, Tories and Liberal Democrats are the three mainstream political parties in the UK.

Hareem said that a senior leader of one of these parties extended her the invitation to join. She said that she plans to contest elections in future and become a member of the British parliament. She said, “You will see me in the UK Parliament.”

She said these parties need young and popular influencers and claimed that one of these parties approached her because she is in Google’s top search rankings. She said, “I am popular. I am also among the world’s most searched people.”

Hareem further said that she is lucky that she has been approached like this. She said she will win the election through free and fair means and raise her voice for Pakistan. “I am already working for human rights,” she said. 

Last week, Scotland Yard provided Hareem protection after she complained to the police about threats from some people. She had complained to the police that she was being blackmailed, chased and threatened.

Some British Pakistanis had accused Hareem of stealing £6,000 in Manchester and then fleeing to London. Hareem denied the charge and said the accusers should go to the police instead of maligning her on social media.

However, the London Police provided Hareem security and the UK government’s Modern Slavery Human Trafficking Unit (MSHTU) got involved in the investigation. 

Hareem left Pakistan more than a year ago and has not returned to the country ever since. She says she is now living permanently in London.

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